Discover a place of supreme relaxation and rejuvenation at the very heart of cosmopolitan Downtown Dubai. A place where body and mind are revived with the healing powers of plants, flowers and aromatic oils.

A holistic approach to mind and body is reflected in our signature therapies. Inspired by the wisdom of ancient cultures, we employ the Oriental healing techniques of Thai, shiatsu and reflexology, as well as the massage traditions of Bali and Hawaii. Treatments include luxuriant signature facials, purifying body wraps, intense body scrubs and intricate hand and foot care.

Eleven treatment rooms include a private suite for two, luxurious showers – notably the magnificent rain-dance shower – steam rooms and the exquisite Oriental Room. There are individual changing areas for men and women, as well as separate relaxation suites where you can enjoy delicate herbal teas and freshly squeezed juices.


  • 10 treatments rooms
  • Steam and Aroma Rooms
  • Ice Cave
  • Relaxation Areas

Key Facts

Opening hours:
9 am to 10 pm

13th floor
The Address Downtown Dubai

T: +971 4 436 8755



  • The Ultimate Diamond Experience | 180 Minutes

  • A treatment designed to balance the energies and wellbeing, putting mind, body and spirit in complete harmony. Your ritual begins with a body scrub using real crushed diamonds and unlocking blocked energies with Neodymium magnets, followed by a relaxing massage on lifting and contouring the skin.

  • Lift C.V.S. Firming And Toning Treatment | 90 Minutes

  • This treatment features an exfoliating session followed by a bio-reflex massage using a moisturising and dermo-protecting complex. It tones the skin and refines the skin’s texture.

  • Gel D’Algues Detoxifying Treatment | 90 Minutes

  • This treatment features an energising massage and a Gel d’Algues wrap. It tones and detoxifies the skin.

  • Self-Heating Algae Slimming And Detoxifying Treatment | 90 Minutes

  • This treatment features an algae wrap followed by a massage with Crème Amincissante Oxygénante MC110. Its thermal effect releases marine active ingredients that remineralise tone and purify the body, filling you with a wonderful sense of well-being and comfort.

  • Anti-C Slimmimg Programme | 90 Minutes

  • This specalised treatment focuses on fat deposits and visible signs of cellulite, improving firmness and microcirculation. The effectiveness of this treatment is boosted with the use of Booster Minceur, a body-contouring complex.


  • The Ultimate Facial | 90 Minutes

  • A truly scientific multi-sensory facial, using the most active ingredients to provide the most best advanced anti-ageing treatment. The ultimate treatment for those looking for immediate results, including lifting, tightening and toning of the skin.

  • Soin Lissant And Remodeling Facial | 90 Minutes

  • This facial is designed for sensitive, reactive, stressed and traumatised skin. Soin Lissant combines its hydrating, renewing and protecting properties while expressing its unifying and calming qualities. The unique Biologique Recherche Remodeling Face application effectively combines sculpting movements with quick pulsing strokes, giving a restructuring dimension to this treatment.

  • LIFT C.V.S. | 90 Minutes

  • Complete skin care; it exfoliates, lifts, restructures, firms, hydrates and protects against exterior aggressions. Recommended for normal, seborrheic and thick skin.

  • Biovecteur Marin Treatment And Remodeling Facial | 120 Minutes

  • This treatment instantly and lastingly tightens your skin. Deep wrinkles are smoothed, your facial contour is firmed and your skin is rejuvenated and toned. This treatment helps you forget daily stress through its energising and moisturising properties, making it perfect for tired skin weakened by the winter months or damaged by the summer sun. Its tensing, energising and moisturising effects are also perfect for mature skin when it is combined with the Remodeling Face Machine.

  • The Cure Facial | 75 Minutes

  • This facial is based on cutting-edge thermo-active enzymatic detoxification. Extractions are expertly performed, finishing off with a detoxifying and soothing facial massage and a nano-stimulating mask that releases its moisturising, soothing and revitalising effects on the skin.

  • Diamond White | 60 Minutes

  • The professional de-pigmenting treatment! A treatment that effectively evens skin tone with high concentrations of revolutionary active ingredients, preventing the skin from aging due to pigmentation disorders. The application of a powerful peeling with AHA’s combined with carboxitherapy deeply renews the skin thanks to its effective and long-lasting exfoliating action, which eliminates dark spots at different levels. Then, a powerful anti-spot concentrate promotes the elimination of hyperpigmentation, effectively reducing dark spots of different sizes and intensity. It prevents the formation of new areas with uneven pigmentation. An illuminating veil provides a long lasting sense of well-being to the skin. Finally, a soothing mask reveals an extremely even complexion without imperfections.

  • 60 Minute Facials

  • Make your selection from three detailed facial treatments:

    Hydro Immersion Facial – An intensive and regenerating moisture boost for dry skin in need of hydration.

    The Oil Controller Facial - This deep cleansing and relaxing facial helps to regulate oil secretions and refine open pores by infused stabilising properties.

    The True Blush Facial - A comforting facial for sensitive skin prone to redness and irritation

  • Gorgeous Glow Facial | 60 Minutes

  • Pregnancy safe facial from the skincare experts Mio, a special facial designed to help with hormonal breakouts giving skin a gorgeous glow. Deep cleansing and exfoliation followed by a mind-melting facial massage and brightening serum, the oxygenating moisture mask sets about clarifying and evening-out your skin tone, helping with excess pigmentation.

  • Life Infusion Ritual | 90 Minutes

  • An unparalleled “Youth Elixir” that provides skin rejuvenating effects focused on the science of ‘Skin Age Biomarkers’ combined with specific massage techniques. This intensive treatment ensures brighter, firmer and noticeably younger looking skin with its youthful definition restored while diminishing fine lines and wrinkles in just one session.


  • The Address Downtown Dubai Signature Massage | 120 Minutes/90 Minutes/60 Minutes

  • A therapeutic massage, using blends of essential oils personally selected to each individual’s needs.

  • Mama Mio Pregnancy Massage | 60 Minutes

  • A complete relaxing full body massage using safe but effective pre-natal techniques and the award winning Omega rich oils to relax those specific lower back muscles that are carrying that beautiful bump. Includes a wonderful neck and head massage and the unique Yummy Tummy elasticizing mask.

  • Get Waisted: Stomach Sculpting Treatment | 60 Minutes

  • If exercise and diet alone are not giving you the firm, taut stomach you want, you need to Get Waisted. In less than an hour your stomach will feel slimmer, tighter, more toned and less bloated. Powerful actives will increase the energy within your skin and the special massage techniques will firm and re-sculpt, reducing wobble and love handles.

  • Upper Body And Arm Contouring Treatment | 45 Minutes

  • Seeing is believing with this amazing décolleté, bust, back and upper arms treatment that will dramatically increase circulation, plump up tired skin, visibly reducing loose skin. Deep tissue and lymphatic massage releases tension, improves posture whilst rich actives regenerate gorgeous glowing healthy skin.

  • Traditional Balinese Massage | 120 Minutes/90 Minutes/60 Minutes

  • This massage uses long gentle, sweeping and stretching movements for deep relaxation. Using aromatherapy oils, concentrating on areas of pressure to release deep-seated tension, this soothing and indulgent massage will calm mind, body and spirit.

  • Thai Massage | 120 Minutes/90 Minutes/60 Minutes

  • This specialised oil-free treatment incorporates thumb, palm, forearm and foot pressure. Your skilled therapist will stretch and manipulate pressure points and meridians to balance the flow of energy within the body, elongate the muscle and release deep-seated tension, leaving you feeling both relaxed and energised.

  • Hot Stone Massage | 120 Minutes/90 Minutes

  • This massage uses the ancient art of healing with stones. The Baltic rocks retain heat and help the release of tension in tight, tired muscles. The use of both stones and the therapist’s hands are the perfect combination to pure relaxation.

  • Sports and Fitness Massage | 120 Minutes/90 Minutes/60 Minutes

  • A powerful treatment for guests who exercise experience massage regularly or those suffering with deep-seated muscle tension. This specialised treatment incorporates the use of advanced massage techniques and hot volcanic stones, to penetrate deep into the muscles and achieve a truly effective and invigorating experience.

  • Reflexology | 120 Minutes/90 Minutes/60 Minutes

  • A relaxing and therapeutic foot massage used to stimulate energy zones and pressure points in the feet that correspond to organs in the body. This gentle therapy encourages the body to naturally restore and maintain its own healthy balance.


  • Restore and Hydrate | 180 Minutes

  • Skin brushing, exfoliation and a facial cleanse begin the treatment. Vital energy points and chakras are then massaged with oil blends selected to each individual’s needs, and heatedhot volcanic stones . A soothing head massage concludes this treatment along with a deeply hydrating facial to restore balance and equilibrium. This treatment will leave your skin renewed, nourished and radiant.

  • Red Flower Hammam | 90 Minutes

  • A detox treatment line, inspired by traditional Turkish and Moroccan cuisine and culture. This ritual succession has been practiced for nearly one thousand years to heal and release toxins from the whole body.

  • Detox and Renew | 180 Minutes

  • This ritual starts off with a full body scrub, followed by a wrap that uses various forms of marine algae to target the toxins in your body. A massage fully decongests the body leaving you and your skin refreshed and purified. Finish off with a facial that aims at deep cleaning and removing all impurities within the skin working from the inside out, leaving your skin noticeably brighter and naturally radiant.

  • Pre Natal Treatment | 90 Minutes*

  • Indulge in a blissful massage of the neck and shoulders, followed by a gentle massage with soothing oils, ending off with a moisturising facial. This massage will help to abate depression or anxiety symptoms caused by the mother's fluctuating hormone levels. An acupressure facial concludes this treatment. This maternity treatment leaves the mother-to-be completely pampered from head to toe.

    *Not recommended during the first trimester of pregnancy. 

  • Tea Time | 120 minutes

  • Discover the anti-aging properties of tea. To begin, your body is gently exfoliated with an aromatic paste of apricot oil, shea butter and bamboo powder. This is followed by a deep muscle, Thai-style stretch massage to release pent-up tension in the back and legs, leaving you feeling calm and serene while the green tea facial refreshes your skin giving you a radiant glow.

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