With views of the tranquil Burj Lake and an exotic Arabian décor, The Spa at The Palace Downtown Dubai is a majestic and exclusive retreat. With separate dedicated areas for ladies and gentlemen , The Spa offers traditionally inspired therapies to stimulate the senses, relax the body and restore spiritual balance.

Among the premium brands used are: Natura Bisse for facials, Shiffa for body treatments and Les Sens de Marrakech, a Moroccan brand, for all Oriental treatments. The products of Les Sens de Marrakech are made with extracted argan oil and prickly pear seed oil, which nourish and hydrate the skin, leaving it soft and smooth.


  • 9 spacious treatment suites
  • Hammam slab
  • Two Oriental bath houses
  • Two Hydrospa bathtub with therapy jets
  • Jacuzzis
  • Monsoon showers
  • Steam rooms
  • Private suite for couples
  • A dedicated consultation space
  • Relaxation lounge
  • Retail counter
  • Lakeside Cabana Spa offering spectacular views of Burj Khalifa and The Dubai Fountain

Key Facts

Opening hours:
9 am to 10 pm

1st floor by the poolside
The Palace Downtown Dubai

T: +971 4 428 7805
spawomen@thepalace-dubai.com; spamen@thepalace-dubai.com




  • Relax and be revitalised at your own pace – enjoy a full day of leisure with every Palace Signature Ritual.

  • ONE DESERT JOURNEY | 105 Minutes - AED 850

  • Lose yourself in the vastness of the desert in a truly traditional adventure. Pamper your skin with a refreshing desert sand and salt scrub and indulge in a relaxing massage which uses the ‘oussada’ cushion with coriander, and an energising ‘khemoussa’ pouch featuring three Moroccan mint varieties.

  • THE ROYAL TREATMENT | 120 Minutes - AED 950

  • For an experience that soothes body and mind, heed our therapists’ expert advice, and indulge in a massage and facial treatment that brings quick, lasting relief from a day of stress. There’s no better way to end the day, or even begin it if you so desire.

  • ROYAL ORANGE OASIS RITUAL | 120 Minutes - AED 1125

  • Awaken your senses with a rush of citrus energy in this sumptuous treatment. Developed especially to protect skin from dryness and to keep premature ageing at bay, the secret lies in its combination of rejuvenating, antioxidant and firming properties.

Oriental Hammam

  • Oriental Hammam Ritual | 75 Minutes - AED 680

  • The Oriental Hammam scrub and soothing Rhassoul clay from the Moroccan Atlas Mountains represent a paired luxury, blended with rose water to nourish the skin and to make you feel at one with the Orient.

  • Oriental Hammam Scrub | 45 Minutes - AED 420

  • A traditional black soap is applied all over the body right before the steam bath. A vigorous scrub and liberal dousing later, it’s a feeling of being born again.

Body Treatments

  • ORGANIC SEAWEED LEAF WRAP | 60 Minutes - AED 775

  • Detoxify, moisturise and revive your body with the ultimate signature seaweed body wrap by VOYA Organic. Using only the freshest seaweed leaves sourced from the Atlantic, the minerals, vitamins and amino acids work with immediate effect.

  • CITRUS DRENCH | 60 Minutes - AED 550

  • Douse your body with a sweet citrus scent, with a body wrap that provides deep and intense hydration, while restoring the skin’s elasticity.

  • SENSATIONAL SKIN COOLER | 50 Minutes - AED 550

  • Cooling and refreshing, this treatment is ideal for sweltering skin that has been exposed to the sun for unduly long periods.


  • A thorough scrub, followed by a layer of hydrating marine algae and velvety moisturising body butter, will leave your whole body luxuriating in glossy smoothness.


  • After a thermo-therapy session that prepares the areas being treated, you will be presented with a choice of two different Natura Bissé Mesodose treatments for either slimming or re-contouring the body. Based on your requirements, a personalised treatment will follow with an application of a Thalasso Sculpting Body Mask. The end result is an improved silhouette.

    *Available as a course of 3, 6 or 10 sessions.

  • DESERT SAND SCRUB | 45 Minutes - AED 400

  • For that satin-like feel, allow your skin to be caressed with a delightful combination of desert sand, sea salt, argan oil and traditional essences.


  • Brighten lacklustre skin tone with a detoxifying and exfoliating treatment. VOYA luscious salt is infused with Dead Sea salts and Fucus Serratus seaweed oil, a powerful combination for full hydration that revives even the driest skin, and stimulates blood and lymph flow.


  • Relax as our therapist gently massages and exfoliates the skin with an aromatic paste of apricot oil, shea butter, bamboo powder and Complexe des 4 Thés (4 teas elixir).

  • ORANGE VITALITY SCRUB | 30 Minutes - AED 345

  • A temptation like no other, this antioxidant treatment is ideal for skin suffering from the loss of elasticity and dehydration, and contains the highest concentration of Vitamin C, green tea and rose hip oil.


  • WELLBEING MASSAGE | 50/80/110 Minutes - AED 525/825/1050

  • Pick an aromatic oil of your choice and let the rest take care of itself. Unwind, as our expert therapist delivers a head to toe massage, applying pressure in all the right places.

  • INTENSIVE MUSCLE RELEASE | 50/80/110 Minutes - AED 525/825/1050

  • Sometimes, all you need is a healing touch. Let trained hands and perfect strokes usher tension and stress away with a massage that instantly relieves pain and tension.

  • FUSION MASSAGE | 50/80/110 Minutes - AED 525/825/1050

  • A confluence of Eastern influences, this approach combines Japanese Shiatsu, Chinese Tui Na, Balinese and Thai techniques for both energy and relief.

  • JETLAG MASSAGE | 50/80/110 Minutes - AED 525/825/1050

  • For the weary traveller seeking relief and rest, stimulating essential oils with rosemary, pink grapefruit and juniper berry coax the body into a balmy slumber.


  • BALINESE MASSAGE | 50/80/110 Minutes - AED 525/825/1050

  • As soothing as its name suggests, this approach to massage originating in Bali involves skin rolling, thumb strokes and other exotic techniques, all of which come together to make you feel whole again.

  • THAI HERBAL COMPRESS | 80/110 Minutes - AED 840/1060

  • A soothing remedy for tired and aching muscles. A mixture of traditional herbs with healing properties is enclosed in a heated linen pouch and quickly and firmly tapped onto the body, after which it is gently pressed and rolled. A massage to tone the body and coax away stress finishes this experience.

  • THAI MASSAGE | 80/110 Minutes - AED 825/1050

  • This invigorating classic Thai massage stretches the spine to make it more flexible and stimulated, resulting in better blood circulation. Joints are freed and mobilised, and the feeling is one of sweet surrender.

  • PHILIPPINE ‘HILOT’ MASSAGE | 50/80/110 Minutes - AED 525/825/1050

  • The most popular healing practice from the Philippine islands is delivered to you in a detoxifying and energising massage, as a therapist feels out energy imbalances and blockages using traditional Filipino coconut oil.

  • HEATED STONE TREATMENT | 80/110 Minutes - AED 840/1060

  • Feel your struggles melt away when heated, black volcanic stones are placed on vital energy points of your body, releasing all the pain and tension from aching muscles.

  • FOOT REFLEXOLOGY | 50 Minutes - AED 525

  • Put a spring in your step with a relaxing and uplifting massage, focusing on the reflex points on your feet.

  • BACK, NECK AND SHOULDERS | 25 Minutes - AED 300

  • The most over-worked areas of our body deserve to be looked after. Feel rejuvenated and ready to face the world with this relaxing massage using deep, muscle penetrating techniques.

  • SINGAPORE MASSAGE | 50/80/110 Minutes - AED 525/825/1050

  • Bringing you influences from three magnificent Eastern cultures, this amalgamation of massage techniques aims to liberate the body from fatigue. Back tension is carefully addressed with a Chinese massage, before moving to the abdomen with a Malaysian method. 

  • SWEDISH MASSAGE | 50/80/110 Minutes - AED 525/825/1050

  • Experience pure joy with a full body Swedish-style massage. Performed with medium pressured intensity, this massage increases circulation, enhances lymphatic drainage and promotes relaxation and sleep.

  • LOMI LOMI MASSAGE | 50/80 Minutes - AED 525/825

  • Originating in French Polynesia, this massage relaxes the body with gentle pressure using the forearm with long, continuous flowing strokes.

  • FOUR HAND MASSAGE | 50/80 Minutes - AED 840/1050

  • Derived from ancient Ayurvedic philosophy, this is the ultimate massage experience. With different sensations occurring simultaneously, let your mind and body drift into a deep and peaceful state of meditative bliss.


  • SPA MANICURE | 50 Minutes - AED 340

  • A restorative manicure that creates beautiful results, during which your nails will be filed, shaped and groomed to perfection. A relaxing hand massage using oriental oils ensues with a healthy buff and polish to finish.

  • SPA PEDICURE | 50/80 Minutes - AED 375 / 465

  • Get you feet off the ground and into a warm soak. Clipping, shaping and buffing nails, and gently sloughing off dry skin and rough edges makes for a fine-tuned pedicure that’s finished off with a soft massage.

  • NOURISHING HANDS AND FEET | 50 Minutes - AED 500

  • Savour marvellously smooth skin. A gentle exfoliation precedes a nourishing, detoxifying algae cocktail mask. Enjoy a pressure point massage, and an application of Hand Silk cream, rich in amino acids derived from silk, as the finishing touch.


It’s a brand new day, and you stand as an equal with everyone else – at work, at home, at leisure , so why compromise when you can have luxury’s best?


  • THE QUEEN’S RITUAL | 150 Minutes - AED 1375

  • Unearth The Queen’s secret in a luxurious organic experience. A top to toe body polish combined with Dead Sea Salt will leave your skin silky soft. Be enveloped in fresh seaweed leaves from the Atlantic, while a hot stone drainage massage enhances the tightening and slimming results. Allow the pro-youth facial to work wonders with oceanic vitamins and minerals, to reveal a face full of youthful glow.


  • PRENATAL TREATMENT | 50 Minutes - AED 600

  • A wonderful treatment for the most magical time. Lymphatic drainage techniques are used to aid circulation and counter swelling related to pregnancy, while a relaxation massage helps increase metabolic function.

  • POSTNATAL TREATMENT | 50 Minutes - AED 500

  • The arrival of a child is an immensely happy event. Why not celebrate it with a treatment crafted especially for you? After an enquiry about your recent medical history, our therapist will tailor a combination of techniques to help you claim back a good posture, lost strength, hormonal balance and energy.



  • A repair treatment comprising 30 pro-tolerance ingredients, The Cryo-Recovery Facial targets skin inflammation and the appearance of premature ageing. The soothing effect of cryotherapy balls strengthens and comforts the most demanding skin leaving it firmer instantly.

  • AGE-DEFYING FACE | 90 Minutes - AED 890

  • Age is just a number, and you’re as youthful as you look, feel and act. Recapture your youth with this exceptional facial restoring elasticity and radiance to skin ravaged by time and weather. Targeted ingredients work to compensate for the visible effects of hormonal deficiencies, a truly scientific way to stay youthful.

  • TEN KARAT LIFT | 90 Minutes - AED 975

  • Sprinkle a little sparkle wherever you go. In an innovative approach to regenerating and energising the skin, a union of sophisticated ingredients with anti-ageing properties permeates the deepest layers, bringing the necessary firmness to help the skin renew itself.

  • CITRUS VITA ESSENCE | 50 Minutes - AED 575

  • Take the plunge into 100% pure Vitamin C and emerge looking younger. Give your skin a boost of energy with a reparative, anti-oxidant serum containing high concentrations of this wondrous vitamin. The treatment aids collagen production, firming and renewing sun-damaged skin.

  • OXYGEN BRIGHTENER | 50 Minutes - AED 515

  • Infuse every pore of your skin with pure oxygen. A formula that is as light as air will release pure oxygen molecules into the skin, to re-energise natural cellular functions and eliminate toxins.

  • HYDRO-IMMERSION | 50 Minutes - AED 455

  • Renew, replenish and repair. Hydro-intensive treatments help top-up the skin’s moisture levels and restore natural hydration to the maximum.

  • SENSATIONAL SOFTNESS | 50 Minutes - AED 455

  • This delicate treatment for sensitive skin is especially formulated to soothe and protect, while reducing redness, calming irritations and boosting suppleness and strength.

  • THE CURE | 80 Minutes - AED 715

  • Here is an unparalleled purifying treatment formulated to rebalance combination to oily skin. Address issues such as large pores, breakouts or greasy patches quickly and effectively.

  • GREEN TEA FACIAL | 25 Minutes - AED 275

  • A little luxury in a little time. Revive your skin in three gentle phases: a thorough cleansing, a de-stressing face mask and an upper-body massage.


  • Capture the essence of youth with this luxurious beauty treatment featuring remarkable rejuvenating properties.The skin emerges firmer, visibly younger looking and beautifully luminous, while the revolutionary LED Chromo-Rejuvenating Mask enhances the treatment’s anti-ageing effects.

  • ORIGINAL BEAUTY | 90 Minutes - AED 725

  • Akin to being immersed in the fountain of youth, this anti-ageing treatment is formulated to combat wrinkles, loss of elasticity and the appearance of pigmentation.


  • This intensive repair treatment will leave your eye area firmer and lips more full, courtesy of an anti-wrinkle treatment with powerful restructuring ingredients.

  • HUFF THE PUFF | 25 Minutes - AED 300

  • Illuminate tired eyes with an effective treatment incorporating marine seaweed aiding toxin drainage.

  • DIAMOND WHITENING | 50 Minutes - AED 975

  • Eradicate dark spots with an expert approach to de-pigmentation. Using high concentrations of revolutionary active ingredients, this treatment effectively evens out skin tone, restoring its natural brightness.


  • Thoroughly refresh your skin with this anti-oxidant, pro-youth facial that eliminates toxins, re-balances and tightens the skin, leaving it cleansed, uplifted and clear.


Modern man – step up and take what’s yours. We have what you want to achieve: youth, beauty, energy, and vitality.


  • THE KING’S RITUAL | 150 Minutes - AED 1375

  • This regal journey begins with a deeply nourishing Ayurvedic scalp treatment, followed by a stress-relieving organic salt of the earth scrub. A volcanic hot stone, deep tissue body massage, applied with the world’s first luxury seaweed body oil is next, transporting you to an oasis of peace. Full of vital vitamins and minerals, end the experience with a purifying facial fit for royalty.


Advance bookings recommended. All bookings must be secured with a credit card.

Call 04 4287805 or dial extension 1121/1120 from your hotel room or email SpaWomen@thepalace-dubai.com or SpaMen@thepalace-dubai.com


Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your appointment to fully enjoy the spa experience, and for a brief discussion about your treatment expectations. Please notify the reception if you are pregnant or have any pre-existing conditions and health concerns.


No special clothing required. Towels, robes, slippers, comfortable underwear for body treatments and other amenities are provided for use in and around The Spa.


Please preserve the environment of tranquillity by respecting all guests’ right to privacy and quietude. Please dress appropriately in a bathing costume and robe while using the wet areas. Admission to The Spa is only for adults and persons over 16 years of age. The Spa is a non- smoking and mobile-free zone.


Please allow a minimum of 12 hours’ notice for cancellation or we regret that a 50% cancellation fee will apply. A ‘no show’ will incur a 100% charge.


Gifts for spa enthusiasts and gift vouchers for products and treatments are available.

Offers Available

Tea of Spring

Tea of Spring

Treat yourself to our signature Tea of Spring package, which blends the elegance of afternoon tea with a calming ritual.

  • Valid until: - 31/12/2016

Price: AED 1,000 per person

Time: 9 am to 10 pm for The Spa. Afternoon Tea is available from 2pm to 6pm, daily.

Email: spawomen@thepalace-dubai.com; spamen@thepalace-dubai.com    

Call: T: +971 4 428 7805

Terms: Offer is not valid on public holidays. Prior booking is required.

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Spa Day At The Palace Downtown Dubai

Spa Day At The Palace Downtown Dubai

Escape the bustle of the city and embark on a sensory journey of utter relaxation at The Spa at The Palace Downtown Dubai.

  • Valid until: - 31/12/2016

Price: AED 650 per person, inclusive of a 50-minute Signature Massage, Ewaan lunch and access to the spa facilities

Time: 9 am to 10 pm

Email: spawomen@thepalace-dubai.com; spamen@thepalace-dubai.com    

Call: T: +971 4 428 7805

Terms: Advanced booking is required. Offer is valid every day except Friday and public holidays. Other terms and conditions apply.

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Best Buddies

Best Buddies

Express your affection to your partner, friend or loved one with any of our 50-minute spa treatments or longer, and receive 50% off the second treatment of your choice. Enhance your experience by taking advantage of full-day access to the Oriental Bath House, steam room, Jacuzzi and the stunning outdoor pool.

  • Valid until: - 31/12/2016

Time: 9 am to 10 pm, daily

Email: spawomen@thepalace-dubai.com; spamen@thepalace-dubai.com    

Call: T: +971 4 428 7805

Terms: Offer not valid on spa rituals or in conjunction with any other offer or promotion. Valid on individual treatments only.

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Your Five Steps to Heaven

Your Five Steps to Heaven

Give your body and mind a new lease of life as you choose five spa treatments from a selection, allowing you to enjoy a tailored 20-minute treatment of each spa treat. Experience 100 minutes of sheer relaxation and continue your day of pampering with access to the Oriental Bath House, steam room, Jacuzzi and outdoor swimming pool.

  • Valid until: - 31/12/2016

Price: AED 650 per person

Time: Open from 9 am until 10 pm

Email: spawomen@thepalace-dubai.com; spamen@thepalace-dubai.com    

Call: T: +971 4 428 7805

Terms: Advanced booking required. Offer valid Sunday through to Thursday, not valid on the weekends or public holidays. Other terms and conditions may apply.

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Pool Buddies

Pool Buddies

Water wonderful world at The Palace Downtown Dubai!

  • Ongoing

Price: AED 250 per person for pool access, with 50% off access to the second experience.

Time: Daily, from 9am to 10pm

Email: spawomen@thepalace-dubai.com     Call: +97144287805

Terms: Terms and conditions apply.

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Ladies Tues And Lazy Mondays

Ladies Tues And Lazy Mondays

One good treatment deserves another at The Spa.

  • Ongoing

Time: Daily, from 7pm to 11.30pm

Email: spawomen@thepalace-dubai.com     Call: +97144287805

Terms: Terms and conditions apply.

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Pool Day Package

Pool Day Package

A taste of all-day leisure and poolside pleasure.

  • Ongoing

Price: AED 300 per person including pool access with Lunch at Ewaan or Afternoon Tea at Al Bayt.

Time: Pool timings from Sunday to Thursday, 6 am to 8pm | Ewaan Lunch from Sunday to Thursday, 12.30pm to 3.30pm | Afternoon Tea from Sunday to Thursday, 2pm to 6pm

Email: spawomen@thepalace-dubai.com     Call: +97144287805

Terms: Terms and conditions apply. Offer valid daily, except Fridays and public holidays.

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